Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
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Very good

Got the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + today and it is amazing, everything is perfect, I like big phones and I really like this one. The fingerprint works well and I love the edge setting. The only thing I don't like is that it didn't come with a wirless charger but the highspeed one is very fast. Overall well worth £599, very good and I love it 



Such a beautiful phone. Everything is perfect, the camera and screen are among the best I've ever seen.


ps. Please stop leaving bad reviews because they don't have an item in stock. Thanks 


Fantastic phone

Very nice quality feel to the phone,very fast and the screen is amazing,only had it for one day but looks like it will have great battery life too.

Delivery was very fast,ordered on Tuesday, got the phone on Wednesday morning,




Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Ordered the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + last week. It was delivered the very next day. What a nice looking phone, and such ease of use, I was so impressed with this phone and the price of only £599 I bought my partner one the very next day. Highly satisfied with this phone would highly recommend to everyone.


Best phone on the market

This phone is the best performance phone on the market today. The performance capabilities and the battery life are suberb. Had this phone for over a week now since upgrading from the Galaxy Note 3 and you can feel the difference. The processor and the speed of mutitasking and simply opening an app is superior than an iphone. It has 3x more RAM than the iPhone 6 plus !!!! 


I would definately recommend this phone over an iphone anyday. Looks very premium and much more appealing than an iPhone. The fast charging feature is a great bonus and it charges so quick. If you like games then it works smoothly with no lag at all or freezing. The only downside is that you cannot add more memory with a micro sd so I would recommend the top storage model if you like to have lots of games/apps etc.



Samsung all the way !!! 


Smiley Very Happy


Nice phone.

Got the Samsung galaxy S 6 + Smiley Wink

3 day's  ago order, delivery was wery fast.

Order on Thursday and Friday morning get the phone. 

Nice phone, works fast, camera is excellent.

Battery life is good, fast charging.

Recommended everyone.Smiley Wink


P.S  Bit worried about RAM: got 4 GB of RAM but nearly 3GB of RAM is used, Why?Smiley Sad



Was hessitant due to the large size of the phone but now that i have had it a few weeks its hard to use anything smaller. Very much recommend this phone


Battery life has been quite good and the fast charger is excellent


Galaxy edge plus

Just one gripe with this phone battery life !!! Apart from that brill !! Have to charge up twice a day usuing the fone for my music and radio station apps ! the Samsung note 4 was a bit better ! 


Galaxy s6 edge+

I bought this phone having owned the Galaxy 7000 Note for some years. The Note has been perfect for me as I travel a lot. I am in my middle 70s and thought I may have some challenges with such a complex gadget.

It has been very simple to set up. The instructions are good and it is so intelligent it sorts itself.out.                

It is elegant with a large clear screen but very slim and great to handle. Ideal for people of my age, I cannot fault it it does everything I want and things I did not know were possible. It has given me hours of hours of fun already.

Well done Samsung, you have created a beautiful and innovative phone which must be a market leader. 


Thank you to Giffgaff for such a quick delivery. It arrived within 13hrs over the Christmas period, AMAZING..


s6 edge+

I,m going to be boring and say whow what a phone,and agree with previous comments.

Everything just works effortlessly 

One gripe has already been mentioned,battery life but don't let this put you off well worth the

compromise I still gave it 5 stars


Samsung galaxy S6 edge + is amazing phone

Got this phone 2 month ago and after using it while all i can say is that Edge+ is one of the best 2015 phone with great battery life, great performance and fast charging is amazing. this phone is worth buying if you are fan of big android phone. 10/10 so far 


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

I ordered this phone at 7pm on Thursday and it arrived at 11.15am the next day. I love the bigger screen and the curve of the edges. Screen image quality is superb and I like the fingerprint access. And it was so easy to set up. Extremely pleased with this phone 



This phone is a real stunner and conversation starter. The Platinum Gold color is what sealed this one for me. You will not regret this one especially if you do not care for the stylus of the Note 5. 




Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus

This phone is perfect!!!


I was used to HTC and now i bought this new gun, its incredible. ITS SEXY, SLEEK!!!  Perfect service, it came on the following day after i ordered.


I'ts elegant, its bright, pictures are amaising quality. I simply love my new baby.


Please don't hesitate, just buy it  and you will have no regreats!!


Good price too, i searched everywhere for a cheaper price i could only find for £700 others £689 so this is perrrrrrfect! 



Thank you  Giff Gaff 


Samsung s6+

Got to say my Samsung s6+ is the dogs **bleep** a very good looking phone but please if ya buy one get a good screen protector Samsung do a very good one looks just like the front screen overall a very good phone 


Amazing phone

Got this phone today. I'm loving it very good phone



so perfect.glad i bought and the touch is awesome


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus

I got the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus and I'm very happy I must say it's amazing phone!... looks beautiful, works perfectly everything is just perfect I love it!!!


Fantastic phone

I have had every phone since S1 this one by far the best phone yet love the large display also option to charge wireless is brilliant no need to plug in it have found the battery lasts longer than my S5 too the best bit is I've been abel to get the next day and pay for it over 12m without much costly airtime contract ty giffgaff 



Stunning phone! #flawless

If your like me and have looked at specs/reviews then you won't be disappointed I've had this phone a week and I love it!


Previously owned: Samsung galaxy note 2, didn't fancy note 4 as 5 is due out, not an iPhone lover but toyed with the idea of iPhone 6s + as I'm used to the big screen. Sony Z5 premium was another option but I didn't like the feel/layout & camera, even though high mp it didn't live up to expectations.


So I decided to stick with Samsung & I have to say the s6 edge plus is simply stunning; it has a premium feel/look about it's speedy, great with apps, memory is 34gb instead of the 64gb option but not a problem as it still does the job and I have more then enough memory, battery charges to 100% in under 2hrs and lasts 2 days even with constant use, also doesn't attract fingerprints as much as you'd think either in comparison to other mobiles....overall, samsung have produced a premium device.


Final note; my brothers have iPhone 6s/Sony z5 and they are in awe of the samsung S6 edge plus....I went for the platinum gold option.